In early 2018, our team @ Mekanism Seattle was tasked with developing a new design system & value proposition for Alaska Airlines for 2019 & beyond. We concepted, shot and executed a west coast and now global campaign in 10 months. Through many iterations we landed on a minimal, vibrant visual & photography style paired with messaging that delivers Alaska’s value prop; a no trade-offs airline that doesn’t make you settle for less than what you deserve.

Deliverables executed so far: OOH, Social, TV, OLV, Digital Banners & Brand Activations.

We did lifestyle shoots in Portland, Palm Springs, Todos Santos, Bali & Tokyo

San Francisco OOH

Alaska_FY19_Brand_San Francisco_Total_SF0200_Approach.jpg
Alaska_FY19_Brand_San Francisco_Outfront_W200O_Approach.jpeg


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